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"Pumps, Well Pumps, Pressure Tanks from A to Z. Apple to Apple 30% below anybody, anywhere."Sam Shorez, President of Discount Water Tanks Inc.
Water Tanks, Water Pumps and Well Pumps! Call Us (619) 600-7777

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Well Pumps | Discount Water Tanks

4 Signs To Know If Your Well Pump Is Failing

Well Pumps | Discount Water Tanks

If you are having trouble with your water system it may be a sign your well pump needs to be replaced, but how to know if that’s the reason or if the problem relies on any other failure?
Here are 4 signs that you might need a new well pump:

1. No water

Turning your water faucets on and finding that no water is coming out of them is a clear sign that you need to replace your well pump. This sign suggests that the submersible well pump is not working, and due to that, the pump can’t take water out of the well. But before you go and buy a new well pump, check all areas of your property for broken pipes or clogged lines as these failures in your plumbing can also be the cause of having no water.

2. Loud noises

Another sign that your well pump is failing is the appearance of loud noises. When a submersible pump doesn’t stop running it means it’s struggling to pump water from the well to the surface and this can produce loud or odd noises.

3. High electric bills

Unusually high electric bills are a consequence of the constant running of the well pump. If you are paying higher electric bills than what you usually pay and notice any of the previous signs, we recommend you to check if your well pump is running properly.

4. Low pressure

Another sign that your well pump is failing is if you turn on a faucet and there’s some water coming out but not enough. Having poor water pressure can mean your pump is not running properly, but as we said earlier, before replacing your well pump, check for other problems in your plumbing system that can cause the same problem.
If you’re having one or any of these signs and need to replace your well pump, give us a call. At Discount Water Tanks, we have an exclusive line of well pumps that include both submersible and external pumps for all your water distribution needs.

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  1. Of the things you listed, I think that the low pressure and no water would be the biggest giveaways. It hasn’t happened to me before but I’m sure that I would want to find out what when wrong if I turned the water on and little to nothing came out. I would first suspect the pump since that’s the only thing that would be pushing the water into my home.

  2. I agree that it’s a good idea to check for other problems before replacing your well pump. I think sometimes it can be appealing to take the faster route and just replace everything. I’d imagine that it could possibly cut cost if only a repair is needed.

  3. Nash Rich

    I think no water is a pretty good sign that your pump isn’t working right! It’s always good to check for the little things first, like if it’s on or has power going to it, because I’m sure that’s more likely to be the problem, than something serious. I thought high electric bills was another good thing to look into. It may be hard to determine that it’s the pump, so that’s why you really have to pay attention to everything.

  4. I had no idea that high electric bills can be a sign of a broken well pump. A good friend of mine has to use a well pump at his house. It would be interesting to find out if they have to have their pump serviced often.

  5. I have been noticing my electricity bills are higher than normal. I didn’t know that that could be a sign of a failing well pump. I will definitely have to get a contractor to see if there needs to be any repairs or anything replaced on the pump. Thanks for the information!

  6. I found your comment interesting that if you have a high electric bill you may need your water pump repaired. I would imagine that finding out if your pump is damaged would be important so you do not keep paying high bills. My energy bill has been high and I can’t figure out why so maybe I should find someone to come look at my water pump.

  7. I like that you point out that having low pressure could mean that your pump is failing. I can see why this would be an easy way of telling if something is amiss. My mom has a water pump in her backyard that she uses to water the garden with. I’ll have to ask her about these signs.

  8. That’s a great point you make about how if your electric bills are unusually high, you should check if your well pump is running properly. I’ve heard that well pumps should last for up to 10 years if they have routine maintenance performed on them. Is that true? I’ll have to keep an eye out for any of these signs so that I’ll know when it’s time to replace my pump.

  9. It could be quite obvious that your water pump needs repair because it is making loud noises. But these noises may not be heard because of lack of attention. If you are not regularly checking on your well pump it could be malfunctioning for an extended amount of time. It seems like a good idea to check your well pump casually and as often as possible.

  10. Your warning signs that a well pump may be failing all seem really helpful, thanks for posting them! I would probably have thought to check the pump if there was no water flowing, but I wouldn’t have connected a low yield or a high power bill to it. I imagine that having the pump installed by a reliable contractor would be a good way to make sure that it’s lifetime is maximized.

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